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About us

Taggart's Grill® is a privately owned restaurant nestled in a picturesque high desert canyon in scenic Morgan, Utah.  We're located just off of the I-84 exit 108 for easy year-round access.  We offer a diverse menu featuring classic American entree's, gourmet burgers, hand crafted sandwiches, and decadent home-made desserts. The grounds surrounding the restaurant feature lush landscaping with a variety of vibrant flowers and foliage, a beautiful Koi pond featuring cascading waterfalls, and a small family of friendly peacocks.

 Taggart's Grill, 1105 Taggart Lane, Morgan, UT 84050

If you're planning your first visit to our restaurant the following information may be helpful to ensure you have the best possible experience..... We cannot seat you until everyone in your group has arrived.   When checking in please include children, toddlers, and infants in the total number in your group.   We aren't able to accept reservations due to the humble size and remote location of our restaurant.   We do accept 30 minute call aheads for parties of 8 or fewer (learn more about Seating Policy) If you see a group the same size as yours arrive after you but are seated before you, they were on the call ahead list before you checked in so don’t worry, you haven't been skipped.   We do not seat anyone under the age of 16 on our patio.  When someone in your group arrives, check in with the host to get on the seating list.    If you have any questions about our restaurant please call us at 801-829-3837.  

We look forward to serving you!